Provide Financial Support for Your Family If the Unexpected Happens

Your lifetime earnings potential is your greatest financial asset.

You work hard to ensure a comfortable and secure life for your family and business. Eliminate the worrisome element of risk by choosing one of our many individual life insurance options.

Two types of individual life insurance are available:

Feel free to use this online tool below, to help quantify the economic value of your life.  This amount can be used as a guideline for what your potential earnings are, and how not having that amount would effect your loved ones after a death should occur.

Individual Term Life Insurance

Term insurance is a basic form of life insurance that covers temporary needs, like children’s education and mortgage payments.

It is insurance protection for a specified period of time (a term).

Benefits of Term Life Insurance

  • Coverage is renewable at the end of the premium guarantee period at a higher premium because of increased age.
  • Premium is initially lower than that of a permanent insurance policy but can increase at each renewal.
  • Initial lower premium is an ideal choice if you have a temporary need for life insurance protection.

Individual Permanent Life Insurance

Benefits of Permanent Life Insurance

  • Locked in cost of insurance at current age and health.
  • Investment and cash value options.

Whether you want to get mortgage protection or supplement your retirement income, we have an individual life insurance plan for you.