Why Choose the Chambers Plan?

The Chambers Insurance Plan is Canada’s #1 employee benefits plan for small businesses.

It’s Simple. Stable. Smart.

Get Guaranteed Coverage

As long as you pay your premiums, your plan can never be cancelled. Chambers Plans offer guaranteed coverage amounts for businesses with three or more employees.

This plan has no restrictions based on industry or company size. Even if your business consists of you alone, you’re eligible to apply.

Get Stable Rates

Because the Chambers Plan is fully pooled with over 30,000 companies participating, your rates are guaranteed to be predictable over the years.

Even if one of your employees files a large claim, it is spread out over this large pool. No huge increases year over year.

Get Fast Turnaround

Extended health and dental claims are typically paid within 48 hours. Direct deposit is available, so your employees will receive their reimbursements right away.

Chambers Plans also have the option for a drug card and electronic dental claim submission for instant claims processing.

Get Flexible Plans

Design your plan to suit your budget. Design your plan to meet your business goals. Design your plan to protect your employees and your family.

The Chambers Plan gives small businesses the flexibility to design the plan they want at prices they can afford.

Control Coverage and Cost

Chambers Plans are personalized for you and your business. Choose the kinds and levels of employee benefits you want from a wide range of choices. Don’t pay for options you don’t want or need.

Get More for Less

Health and dental premiums are deductible business expenses for you – and tax-free benefits for your employees. A win-win!