As we slip into the winter months it is critical to be aware of the seasonal opportunity for injury. As winter-related accidents occur frequently in Ontario it is important to understand how to prevent these accidents in the first place. We cannot stop the snow from falling, however we can work to make winter safer. 

Who is responsible for seasonal maintenance

As a tenant, liability may be shared with your landlord. Who is held liable depends on the circumstances of the loss. Some aspects that may be taken into consideration include whether the danger was foreseeable, the length of time the danger persists, and if the danger could have been prevented. Most accidents are preventable and are caused due to negligence. An imperative part of dealing with personal injury is to avoid the accident to the best of your ability. 

Maintain your property

This is also the time of year when we break out the snow shovels and ice melt, so that we, and our neighbours and visitors, can safely navigate our walkways and sidewalks. It is important to work to maintain your property with salt, shovelling, and proper maintenance for not only yourself but others as well. When visiting a property that is not your own make sure to wear proper winter attire like winter boots and watch where you are stepping. Snow shovelling probably is not the first thing that comes to mind when considering potential hazards; however many people each year sustain injuries due to shovelling or removing snow and ice. 

Never leave heat unattended

With the colder weather approaching there comes a need to heat things up! If you need to use space heaters or fireplaces in the winter months make sure to never leave them unattended and thoroughly educate yourself on fire safety.

​​As much as you should focus on injury prevention, accidents are accidents after all and may still occur. As a homeowner or tenant, you may be held liable for accidents on your owned or rented property. Know what hazards to look out for, and understand your legal liability and what to do if someone is injured. 

A Garrett Group advisor will spend the time to fully assess your current coverage. Get in touch with us to discuss options that help reduce risk when the unexpected happens.

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